Session Prep—It’s normal to have questions. Found below is a list of frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If you still have questions or need assistance in any way, we’re just a phone call away at 208-463-4016 or contact us via email.

What should I wear?
Families—Every family has it’s own personality. Like a team, you will look like you belong together when you dress in similar tones. A family portrait that has everyone dressed in jeans and brown tops will look better over time than a portrait that has one person in white, another in brown, and others in yellow. The human eye will always go to the lightest color in the portrait first and we want that to be your faces. Long sleeved, solid, dark colors always create rich looking images.
Children—When we’re photographing children alone, bring several options. A white sundress for girls and a white shirt with denim bottoms for boys is always great. Bring favorite outfits or activities that show your little one’s personality. Keep in mind that the more patterns or graphics the clothes have, the more attention they’ll take away from your child’s face.

What can I bring?
We work hard to bring out your personality in the work we do. Much of this effort includes the activities, hobbies, and interests of each individual we work with. When you bring items that display these interests, your final product is set apart from others as solely and uniquely yours. Whatever you come with, we will create something special for you!

How do I get the images I want?
We will take 50-70 images per session. With regard to families this includes: The entire group together, break outs with just the kids, just mom and dad, and individuals. If you have a specific pose or creative idea, please share them with us when you schedule your session. More than anything, we want to make sure you get portraits you’ll love. 

What if it rains or there is bad weather?
If the weather looks questionable, please call before you leave. We’ll decide together if we need to reschedule the outdoor photographs.